Load Cell Wireless

A wireless load cell or industrial weighing system can be highly advantageous. For example, if you’re unable to run the necessary cables to the load cells or if the cable could be damaged easily. In some cases a wireless interface is more economical than long lengths of cable.

AL-W5 Wireless Dynamometer Crane Scale Dynamometer Dyna-link Handhold Indicator Tension Block Type Crane Test Waterbags


Losing a member of crew overboard is a serious incident. Every skipper should have plans and procedures in place to deal with this emergency. Apparatus that enables the swimmer to remain afloat, equipment to assist you in making contact with the MOB, and a means of recovering the person from the water should all be considered.

Bridge Ring Horsehoe Jacket Bracket 30mt Line


A complete range of pyrotechnics - red parachute rockets, red and white hand flares, buoyant orange smoke signals, handheld orange smoke signals, man overboard units, pen signal kits, white parachute illuminating rockets, day and night signals. All fully approved to the latest standards and Regulations.

MK8 Lifebuoy MK9 Compact Lifesmoke MK9 Parachute Rocket MK8A Line Thrower 250


External liferaft/lifeboat lights are designed to deliver, as a minimum standard, the 4.3cd output specification and 12 hour duration required by IMO SOLAS regulations. All internal liferaft/lifeboat lights are in the process of being redesigned to conform to the new IMO SOLAS resolutions to deliver the 0.5cd output specification and 12 hour duration.

Lifeboat Daniamant Daniamant Lifebuoy L163 Lifebuoy L162 Lifejacket ACR PFD Safety

Safety Signs

Safety signs and symbols consist of messages, words and pictorial symbol with variety of sizes, shapes and colours. All the shapes and colours are standardised. Each shape has different meaning and each colour reflects specific meaning. Using standardised health and safety signs and symbols will make them understandable and overcome language barriers and the new ISO 7010 standard is the first step towards a global harmonization of safety symbols.

Prohibition Fire Equipment Safe Condition Mandatory Supplementary Information

Fire Extinguishers

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality fire extinguishers at a great value. In pursuit of this, We mill and blend our own dry chemical agents, machine the component parts, assemble and then test our units to the highest quality standards.

ABC Dry Chemical Standard Dry Chemical Purple K Dry Chemical Halotron Carbon Dioxide

Emergency Food

Emergency Food Rations are suuplied for use aboard marine liferafts and lifeboats. The compressed food bar rations are made especially for survival at sea and comply with the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

3600 Calories Bars DATREX 200 Calories Bars DATREX 2400 Calories Bars GRIZZLY GEAR 3600 Calories Bars ER 3600 Calories Bars

Emergency Drinking Water

Having clean drinking water readily available is undoubtedly one of the most vital parts of any emergency plan. While we are equipped to handle periods of starvation, experiencing inaccessibility to water can quickly lead to dehydration, confusion and death. Our selection of emergency drinking water pouches were designed to help you stay hydrated for short periods of time while you await help.

Seven Oceans

Liferaft First Aid

This SOLAS Liferaft contains everything one could need to treat minor first aid ailments on board a ship, including dressings, bandages and plasters, it is good practice, and practically common sense to always carry one of these first aid kits onboard your vessel, regardless to the reason and duration of your trip.

BCB-SOLAS Vessels Category “C” SOLAS Non EU Vessels ASH SEAGO Category “C” SEAGO Category “C”

Fishing Kit

A full selection of your favorite fishing lures and baits. These big kits are the most economical way to stock up on your favorite jigs, crankbaits, realistic soft bodied worms and grubs in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Most fishing lure kits include a convenient tackle box and more.

Lures Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Line Pocket Survival Emergency Survival Rod & Reel Fishing Combos

Zinc Anode

All over the world you will find that there are many different water environments which require different protective solutions for your boat. However, there are really only three basic water types, which are salt, fresh and brackish waters. Zinc and aluminum anodes protect your boat very well in salt and brackish waters whereas magnesium anodes protect the best in fresh water.

Teardrop Plate Shaft Nut Rudder Shaft


We stock a wide variety of both synthetic and traditional ropes. Replacing your ropes can provide extra strength and reliability on board, it could also mean a more comfortable handling state.

Braided Polyester Mooring Shipping Kernmantle


Boarding ladders allow boaters to get in and out of the water from the deck or swim step of a boat and aid in boarding from a dinghy. Although they can sometimes be used to help in the retrieval of a crew member who has fallen overboard, they are typically of little or no use in rough seas.

Rope Ladders Embarkation Ladder Web Ladders Portable Rope Ladder Wooden Rope Ladders

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