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We are a Dominican Company established since 1998 by the owners and it was formally recognized on April 30, 2009 in accordance with the provisions of Law 479-08 of December 11, 2008 of the Dominican Republic, dedicated to the services of inspection, maintenance, refilling and sale of fire equipments.

In functional terms, the company is integrated with a total of eight (8) employees with a permanent plant, that is operating in the areas under the present with related hierarchical structure for such purposes.

We are proud to have experienced Human Resources, which can meet the needs of our customers.

Mc Murdo
Mc Murdo


Pains Wessex
Pains Wessex


Sevo Systems
Sevo Systems


Seven Oceans
Seven Oceans



Liferaft First Aid
BCB-SOLAS, Vessels Category “C”, SOLAS Non EU Vessels, ASH SEAGO Category “C”, SEAGO Category “C”
Emergency Food
3600 Calories Bars, DATREX 200 Calories Bars, DATREX 2400 Calories Bars, GRIZZLY GEAR 3600 Calories Bars, ER 3600 Calories Bars
Emergency Drinking Water
DATREX 125m, lUST 125m, lDNS 125ml, Seven Oceans 500ml, MAYDAY 125ml
Fishing Kit
Lures Freshwater and Saltwater, Fishing Line, Pocket Survival, Emergency Survival, Rod & Reel Fishing Combos

Our Services

  • Fire Equipment’s

  • chevron_rightPortable Fire Extinguishers and Fixed
  • chevron_rightDCP (Dry Chemical Extinguishers)
  • chevron_rightCO2
  • chevron_rightFoam
  • chevron_rightBank of CO2 Bottles
  • chevron_rightAir Bottles for Breathing Apparatus
  • chevron_rightFire Alarms
  • chevron_rightHydrostatic Test
  • chevron_rightFire Alarms

    • Annual Inspections, Foam & C02 Systems
    • timerFoam Applicators
    • timerFoam System
    • timerFixed Foam System
    • timerBA
    • timerBA Air
    • timerCompressor
    • timerMedical Oxygen
    • timerGas Detector
    • timerTest and Pressure
    • timerCO2 System
    • timerDry Powder System
    • timerSCBA
    • timerEEBD
    • timerFire Extinguishers
    • timerBA
    • timerMedical Oxygen
  • Liferafts

  • chevron_rightLiferafts inspection
  • chevron_rightNew Liferafts Sales
  • Boats

  • chevron_rightLifeboat, Rescue Boat and Freefall Annual Inspection and Five-Yearly Load Test
  • chevron_rightDavits, Winch and Release Gear
  • chevron_rightOn Load Test
  • chevron_rightOff Load Test
  • chevron_rightFiberglass Repair
  • chevron_rightWelding to Davit, Winch and Release Gear
  • chevron_rightNew Supplies
  • chevron_rightLiferafts inspection
  • chevron_rightNew Liferafts Sales
  • Dives

  • chevron_rightHull Cleaning, Rudder
  • chevron_rightPropeller Polishing
  • chevron_rightCCTV Communication System and Two ways Communication
  • chevron_rightUnderwater Services for full cleaning by class
  • chevron_rightDrugs/Narcotics Underwater Inspection
  • chevron_rightInspection with Video
  • chevron_rightVideo Inspection to Determine The Hull Growth
  • chevron_rightInspection with Photography
  • chevron_rightSea Cheats External and Internal Cleaning
  • chevron_rightInspection for Class
  • chevron_rightUnderwater Services Propeller Shaft Clearance (POKER GAUGE)
  • chevron_rightAll General Works of Diving
  • chevron_rightUnderwater Survey for Dry Dock
  • chevron_rightUnderwater Welding
  • chevron_rightDredger
  • chevron_rightAnnual Inspection of Immersion Suit
  • chevron_rightSales of Booms and Pampers Absorbents

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